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Online Courses

These CE accredited AEC courses offer a flexible way to learn within your own schedule on mobile or desktop.

Revolutionizing Construction Workflows with Autodesk Build

Credits: 1 AIA LU

Today, collaboration and access to information from anywhere and at any time are critical to successful project management. Collaboration drives decisions and delivers insights, reports, and predictive dashboards, driving better decisions.

Glass Entrance Specification: A Review of Hardware, Codes, and Safety

Credits: 1 AIA HSW LU

Along with the benefits of glass entrances come unique challenges. This course covers current trends in glass entrance design and key considerations for hardware requirements in all types of buildings.

Simplifying Revit Sheet and View Management with IdeateApps

Credits: 1 AIA LU

Sign up for this informative webinar from Ideate Software. Using the collection of sheet and view tools within the IdeateApps suite of applications, we will review how to easily automate and manage Revit sheets and views.

The Seven Pillars of Highly Successful Architecture Firms

Credits: 1 AIA LU

Culled from experiences working with more than 3,000 AE firms over 25 years, this session will examine the seven common denominators of every successful firm. Success comes in many flavors.

Design at a Distance: Tools for Remote Collaboration

Credits: 1 AIA LU

Modern design software is a tool for remote collaboration, intuitive visualization, and efficient coordination. With projects around the world, Flansburgh has developed a BIM-centric workflow to work remotely with clients, consultants, and contractors.

The Dark Side of Email Management: Using email as a force for good

Credits: 1 AIA LU

When was the last time you met someone who genuinely enjoys opening their work emails? Waking up to a chaotic inbox, and being unable to see critical correspondence across the wider business is generally accepted as the norm.

Technical Advances in Structural Insulated Sheathing (SIS)

Credits: 1 AIA HSW LU

This course aims to review various hybridized sheathing solutions and show how the integration of advanced technology has improved performance, capability, and sustainability of SIS.

Specifying Interior Roller Shades

Credits: 1 AIA HSW LU

This course outlines the key considerations for specifying interior roller shade systems – including application, site and glazing conditions, location, project requirements, and budget – and how each relates to occupant well-being and the management of daylighting and solar heat gain.

How to Develop Winning Strategies for Architecture Proposals

Credits: 1 AIA LU

If you work in the AEC industry, you know how important proposals are to the business growth and development process, and how much time and effort go into their creation. And… you know they can be stressful. Proposals require teamwork and collaboration from the entire firm, often from multiple departments and disciplines, but creating buy-in to the proposal process can be a challenge.

Optimizing Facades Through Automated Daylight Analysis

Credits: 1 AIA LU

Energy use within the building sector currently contributes up to 40% of the annual CO2 emissions of developed countries. A major proportion of this energy is dedicated to occupants’ thermal comfort, followed by lighting. A well-designed day-lit building is crucial for occupant health and happiness and helps reduce energy use by minimizing the need for electric lighting and heating.

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