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How to Save Hours on Measuring and Modeling Existing Conditions with Canvas

  • Sponsor: Canvas
  • Credits: 1 AIA LU
  • Division:
  • Format: One Video Segment

Course Description

Any remodeling project typically starts with the tedious tasks of capturing field measurements and existing conditions and then modeling the as-built space in your design program of choice. This error-prone process saps you of time and energy better spent reimaging the space.

Thomas Reynolds, AIA, uses Canvas and other design technology to streamline his workflow, which has enabled him to grow his firm by taking on additional projects. Learn how architects working on remodeling and rehabilitation projects can use Canvas’ 3D capture technology to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Note: Certificates of Completion will be emailed in a PDF format for your records right away. Please allow for up to 3 to 4 weeks to receive AIA credit for the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of mobile 3D capture technology: how it works, what hardware is required, and what the deliverables are.
  • Learn about methods to convert a 3D mesh or point cloud file into an editable CAD/BIM model.
  • Understand how an architect used Canvas on several case study projects, including how the architect scanned the space and how they used Canvas-generated Revit files to skip to the schematic design process.
  • Learn how to use 3D scanning technology to improve your clients’ experience.