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CE|STRONG, a continuing education platform hosted by The Architect’s Newspaper and AN Interior offers AIA-approved courses on an online platform easily accessed from both computers and mobile devices.

The leading interior and exterior product manufacturers lead our courses; ranging from the design and detailing of insulated metal wall panels to the high-performance benefits of laminated glass, amongst many other subjects. All of our courses are approved AIA Learning Units—some count towards HSW credits—and will provide a certificate of completion following the workshop.

AN’s CE|Strong workshops reach practitioners and manufacturers across the continental United States to bring cutting-edge materials and tech solutions to bear on local challenges.

The CEU-accredited workshops are organized thematically, spanning interior applications to building envelopes, and range in duration from one hour to a full day. Expert instructors oversee each workshop, guiding attendees toward a greater understanding of how to balance design aims with efficient material use.

Designing interiors requires an excellent grasp of aesthetics, code, and safety, particularly at a time when health concerns are at their peak. AN’s CE|STRONG Interior workshops will provide participants with the know-how to meet these and other challenges head-on. Over four IDCEC-accredited workshops, experts will lead tutorials on the most recent material strategies and product innovations in the world of interiors, highlighting applications in workplace, kitchen and bath, surfaces, and lighting contexts.

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AN’s Live Webinars reach you wherever you are. Easily accessed from any device, each interactive webinar delivers the latest in building products, with an onhand expert to walk attendees through all potential applications.

Have a question about a product’s suitability for your site or project? Wondering about its compatibility across building systems? Go to the source for the answers.

For more than a decade, AN has successfully programmed hundreds of live conferences, connecting thousands of leading professionals in the process.

Unmatched in their depth of knowledge and scope of engagement, these events aggregate expert panels, workshops, and product expos, not to mention networking opportunities. And in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, AN has seamlessly pivoted its signature Facades+ and Tech+ series online, while also expanding its offerings. New to this conference roster is Mass Timber, which already promises to be a tentpole industry event as the material gains wider application in the years ahead.

For CEU courses or sponsorship opportunities, contact us.

Online Courses

Embracing AI in Architecture: Cost Efficiency, Sustainability, and Compliance

Join us for a visionary session where innovation meets architecture, led by Sandeep Ahuja, co-founder and CEO of cove.tool. This engaging presentation will explore the evolving landscape of the architectural profession, highlighting the pivotal role of AI-driven technologies alongside traditional methodologies.

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Facade Automation Technology for Public Building Projects

Window and vent automation systems offer a wide range of benefits for most building types. These benefits include improved occupant health, wellness and productivity, reduced HVAC energy consumption, safer egress during fire events and compliance with ADA requirements. Here we will be discussing the applications and associated benefits of window and vent automation systems for public building projects.

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The Art of Estimating Fees: Unlocking Profitable Projects for Your Architecture Firm

Ready to master the art of estimating fees and gain profound insights into their impact on your bottom line? Join Douglas Teiger, FAIA, on a journey that begins at the very inception of a project—when that initial request for a proposal lands on your desk or in your inbox.

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Insulated Backup Panels – A Simpler Solution

This course on backup systems that exceed code requirements for air, thermal, and moisture barrier tightness offers vital insights for architects seeking to enhance building performance and occupant comfort. By implementing these superior systems, architects can significantly reduce energy consumption while ensuring optimal indoor environmental quality, safeguarding both the health and well-being of building occupants.

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Atomic Habits for Architectural Professionals: Secrets that Boost Productivity & Profits

In the bestselling book Atomic Habits, James Clear illustrates that the key to unlocking significant improvements in our lives lies in small, incremental changes, emphasizing systems over goals for sustained progress. This webinar explores how integrating technologies into our daily routines, guided by Clear’s four laws of behavior change (make it obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying), can transform our work processes and AE firm’s culture.

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