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Integrating BIM & Spec Design Processes

  • Sponsor: Chalkline Inc.

Course Description

Specifiers and designers have envisioned an integrated design process for decades. Separate design processes for modeling and specifications require higher levels of collaboration and time, while inevitably introducing errors. These errors and omissions can cause 5-10% or more of the project cost, a perception of poor quality in the design, delays in operations, and more.

Designers need integration and coordination in their design process to improve time to delivery and reduce RFIs, addenda, and change orders. Without making changes to BIM models, designers can link the elements and materials to the required specifications and other documents.

We’ll show you how to pilot a project you just completed without the integration, create the model key links to the specs in the project submission and see what errors and omissions are flagged. Get ready to push out an addendum as all firms have found issues using this automated coordination process.

info To request a link to the recorded webinar, please contact Chalkline here.

Learning Objectives

  • Integrate models and specs to identify errors and omissions – so you can correct them
  • Improve design quality
  • Reduce non-recoverable cost
  • Improve design processes and team collaboration
  • Save time in design through process integration