Online Courses

These CE accredited AEC courses offer a flexible way to learn within your own schedule on mobile or desktop.

Aluminum Extrusions & High Performance Building Envelopes: Still the Answer

Credits: 1 AIA LU

This program will explore the challenges in designing contemporary building envelopes.  Potential conflicts in simultaneous objectives of achieving aesthetics, energy efficiency, sustainability, longevity, and occupant health and safety will be discussed.  In addition, how best to assess the energy efficiency of alternative window/window wall configurations will be reviewed.   Advances in thermal barrier materials and extrusion profile design – in conjunction with energy efficient glazing – will be shown, illustrating how these systems can provide window and curtain wall designs that meet or exceed more demanding energy codes while providing the daylighting and minimal sight lines that users and designers desire.

Intelligent Enclosure Solutions, an Introduction to Ventilated Façade Assemblies

Credits: 1 AIA LU

This webinar will describe the components and terminology associated with ventilated facades. Learn about the major types of façade claddings and assemblies; benefits, challenges & opportunities. Explain the benefits of a ventilated façade and understand the positive contributions to our environment and architecture.

ALT CES 120 – Reduce Energy Costs, Simplify Construction, and Improve Life-Safety using Precast Exteriors with Composite Design and Carbon Fiber Technology

Credits: 1 AIA HSW

Learn how high-performance, fully composite insulated sandwich wall panels can be designed to reduce energy costs, enhance life-safety and streamline the job site, especially amid COVID-19 restrictions. We will explore the various attributes of wythe connectors including carbon fiber grid trusses for precast sandwich wall enclosures as well as panel insulation options, manufacturing, testing and installation methods. We will review projects that illustrate the broad range of building types and appearances that can be created and delivered.

ALT CES 130 – Specifying High-Performance Precast: Creative Aesthetic Possibilities

Credits: 1 AIA HSW

Learn to unleash the full creative, aesthetic possibilities of architectural precast concrete exteriors and how new technologies are giving you more options than ever. The webinar will showcase the vast finish options of precast concrete including surface treatments, pigments, color/aggregate selection, formliners and other articulations, embedded elements such as thin brick, terra cotta, and graphic imaging technology that imparts any image or pattern onto the face. The program will also educate about PCI’s newly improved architectural precast concrete certification program and how to specify products with the help of the new guidelines.

The Why and How of BIM Implementation

Credits: 1 AIA CEU

Building Information Modeling continues to become the industry standard, with many projects now requiring the delivery of BIM files. However, considering the implications of a BIM workflow only after starting said projects can lead to serious issues, which is why this presentation will expand upon the planning processes needed to adopt BIM in your firm. Attendees will also examine what a successful BIM transition looks like in practice through example case studies, exploring both why and how firms are already growing their businesses with BIM.

Radon Gas Barriers – The SPF Advantage

Credits: 1 AIA LU

Radon gas is the number 2 cause of lung cancer in North America behind smoking and is prevalent in the vast majority of homes at some level.

Local codes are now demanding radon gas testing and mandating the inclusion of some form of radon mitigation strategy in all residential new construction. Home sellers are now having to provide a radon evaluation to the home buyer. But what do we do if our home has high levels of Radon or the plot of land we intend to build on contains high levels of Radon gas?

Everything you need to know about Testing Rainscreens to AAMA 508 & AAMA 509

Credits: 1 AIA LU

The purpose of this webinar is to educate manufacturers, architects/ specifiers, as well as authorities having jurisdiction and the building inspection community, about the differences between rainscreen systems, and how they are tested within a laboratory environment. This webinar is designed to provide participants an overview of the AAMA 508 and AAMA 509 standards, with specific details addressing the testing requirements found within these standards.

THE PHOENIX IS ON FIRE: How Your Firm Can Rise From the Ashes

Credits: 1 AIA LU

Navigating yourself and your firm through the COVID-19 conundrum.

What the heck happened? There you were, thriving in a growing economy with unprecedented unemployment and enough work to keep your firm busy for months if not years. In a flash, it all evaporated.

Using BIM Software to Work While Social Distancing

Credits: 1 AIA CEU

This course will introduce tools available in building information modeling (BIM) software that enable architects to collaborate virtually with the other members of their design team and their clients. Best practices will be explored and interviews with Alex Hughes from KURV Architecture and Joe Vance from Joe Vance Architects will share their first-hand experiences working in and managing a virtual office.

Functional Creativity with Ornamental Metals in Public Buildings

Credits: 1 LU

Ornamental metals have purposes that enhance both visual aesthetics and building functions. In high-profile urban projects, from retrofits of landmarked buildings to new components of transportation infrastructure, steel and aluminum components allow dramatic gestures, novel geometries, optimization of the materials’ properties, and purposeful contrasts in texture and form. The practical complications of combining customized metal pieces with other materials, particularly on retrofit projects, call for an understanding of those properties and hands-on experience with the details of construction.

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