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Building Envelope Systems: Achieving High Design and Optimizing Performance on an Accelerated Construction Schedule

  • Sponsor: Infinite Facade
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW LU

Course Description

The building envelope makes a significant impact on the overall success of new building projects. Project teams are striving to achieve iconic and high performing designs, with the challenge of accelerated schedules and tighter budgets. As performance requirements become more stringent, supply chain issues persist and construction costs explode, it is becoming a real challenge to deliver on these demands.

More and more architects are turning to prefabricated solutions to ensure they are on track to hit schedule and budget requirements while optimizing building performance and achieving design intent. Learn how single-source solutions optimize building performance by integrating barrier systems and insulation to achieve 38% more efficiency than other wall systems. Achieving high performance does not need to affect the final design, prefabricated facades now feature a range of possibilities thanks to textured formliners that can simulate stone, metal and unique shapes, or cast-in materials to achieve brick, stone, terracotta or tile effects that minimize material consumption.

The final result is a high performing iconic design that supports the project schedule and budget needs.

Note: Certificates of Completion will be emailed in a PDF format for your records right away. Please allow for up to 3 to 4 weeks to receive AIA credit for the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the processes around creating a single source prefabricated building envelope product and how prefabrication can ensure performance excellence, while enhancing quality and lowering risk.
  • Learn which envelope scopes are included in a prefabricated systems that can save you time and ensure you meet budget goals.
  • Understand the range of design options from materials to stains and articulations that are possible in a prefabricated system.
  • Learn when and how to engage with a prefabricator to ensure your project delivers positive outcomes for all stakeholder groups.