Detailing Interiors: Workplace & Covid

As companies prepare their return to the office, they know they can’t simply turn back to the pre-COVID playbook. Looking to restore confidence in employees, companies will need to implement basic health and safety measures, while also showing flexibility about new, hybrid forms of work. How can solutions such as operable walls, protective partitions, or modular conference rooms support these desires? And where space is limited or renovations are unfeasible, how can off-the-shelf products like desktop partitions, acoustic baffles, and furniture systems be used for optimal effect? In this IDCEC-accredited workshop, experts will highlight the most recent space planning strategies and product innovations for the post-COVID office.


  • Credit type: 1 HSW
  • Provider: Mohawk Group
  • Presenter: Royce Epstein, A&D Design Director

Human behavior is adapting to the Covid-19 era and the great upheaval of the pandemic. Architects and designers need to adopt current methodologies for buildings, which will allow people to come back to public space safely and remain so. This CEU will explore strategies for designing floorscapes in the Covid-19 era now and in the future, where flooring solutions can be employed to plan with visual cues, systems thinking, and best practices for human-centered design.

Learning Objectives
  • Explain how to apply strategies for designing in this new era of Covid-19 with a focus on positive effects on building occupants and users.
  • Illustrate how you can plan and design with visual cues to enable equal and safe access to all users.
  • Explore how to implement systems thinking as a design approach to flooring including environmental considerations for health impact and occupant comfort.
  • Identify how to incorporate best practices for human centered design that prioritizes health and wellness and safety.

11AM - 12PM ET

Session #2, TBA

12PM - 1PM ET

Session #3, TBA

1PM - 2PM ET

Session #4, TBA

2PM - 3PM ET

Session #5 ,TBD


Jul 14


10:00am-3:00pm ET




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