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CE|Strong 2023 Mixed-Topics Live In-Person Workshop

You have asked for it and CE|Strong is delivering a Live in-person workshop series of “Mixed Topics” in 2023 including material selection, best practices, code requirements and design strategies. AN Media Group knows how important it is to be face to face with your clients and Continuing Education (CE) is the most effective platform for a manufacturer to meet Architects, Designers, Engineers, Construction and Specifiers.

CE|Strong is bringing our engaged specifying audience to you Live in-person to gain contacts, leads and get specified.

CE|Strong Live is an all day event with 6 one-hour time slots including breakfast and lunch. Free to 40 architects, designers, engineers, construction and specifiers.

Cosentino City Washington
2100 L ST NW unit 100
Washington DC 20037


Credit type: 1 AIA/HSW
Provider: Cosentino

Modern construction has come to understand that a façade, as part of an overall building envelope, is not only a visual statement, but also an important influencer in the protection of a wall’s structural components, the energy efficiency of the building, and the health of its occupants. This course explores a unique surfacing material known as ultracompact surfacing (UCS) and evaluates its mechanical properties, technical characteristics, and aesthetics to illustrate its endless design potential in exterior cladding, façade, and rainscreen applications.


Learning Objectives

  • Define ultracompact surfacing and discuss the innovative production process that creates stone-like
    properties which contribute to project longevity and lower maintenance
  • Learn about innovative manufacturing strategies to reduce carbon footprint and how ultracompact surface
    sets itself apart from other surfacing material
  • Identify the traits and advantages of ultracompact surfaces in terms of strength, durability, UV resistance,
    absorption rates, abrasion resistance, and ASTM testing
  • Discuss proper rainscreen design and installation using ultracompact surfacing material.


Brian Ruiter
Midwest Facades Manager

12 - 12:30 PM

Workshop, TBA

12:30 - 1:30 PM

Workshop, TBA

1:30 - 2:30 PM

Workshop, TBA

2:30 - 3:30 PM

Workshop, TBA


Feb 15


9:30am-3:30pm EST




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