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Rainscreen Systems Made Easy

Earn 1 AIA HSW LU.

This course presents the History of Rainscreen design and explains why rainscreens are an important topic for the building envelope and enclosures. This course enforces the use of control layers to maximize the use of a drained, backed ventilated rainscreen system performance for both new and existing buildings. The audience will learn and be able to identify different rainscreen technologies and how a complete approach is beneficial to a building’s performance, by ensuring compatibility among components and understanding the relationship of control layers of the exterior wall assembly for the health and safety of occupants. Lastly, the course will review this approach using real-world rainscreen systems.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the history of rainscreen design and review fundamental rainscreen principles and how they work.
  • Identify the rainscreen components and their function to better understand the essence of a rainscreen system.
  • Explain how good rainscreen design can impact to health, safety, and welfare.
  • Explore the complete approach to rainscreen design and summarize the benefits of simplifying the design process.

calendar_month DATE

Dec 5

schedule TIME

1:00 pm in Eastern Time




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