Navigating Growing Pains: Optimizing Efficiency without Sacrificing Culture

You know the saying “the devil is in the details”? When your firm is growing and the big picture looks great—that’s when growing pains seep in if you’re not proactive in managing your operations. Scaling your business means there’s a new set of challenges in front of you. PLATT Architecture knows the biggest hurdle is finding efficiency while staying true to your roots. We’re sitting down with PLATT’s Finance Director and Office Manager to discuss the growing pains of a residential architecture firm. Join us to learn more about the operational details that are essential to successful and continued growth.


Learning Objectives:
  • When and what aspects of your business should be automated
  • Creating project management processes for a variety of work
  • Finding the right mix of efficiency without sacrificing your firm’s personality and values
  • Keeping company culture alive and employee retention on track
  • Aligning across communication across finance and project management teams
  • Ren Uriarte
    Financial Director
    PLATT Architecture
  • Jonna Heykoop
    Office Manager
    PLATT Architecture
  • Trilby Lawless
    Manager, Content Marketing
    BigTime Software
  • Samuel Medina
    Moderator/Executive Editor
    The Architect's Newspaper


Feb 10


1:00 pm in Eastern Time




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