Detailing High-Performance Facades: Cladding Decisions and Sealant Strategies

Today’s high-performance facade standards require the deft balancing of aesthetics, technical detailing, and the demands of the client and local building regulations. This workshop will discuss both material and technical solutions to meet those standards. Experts will be on hand to lead tutorials on the most recent innovations in rainscreen cladding, sealant solutions, and much more. Attendees will leave with a greater knowledge of material applications at the cutting-edge of energy performance and code compliance, all while learning of attractive solutions for clients and end users.


  • Credit type: 1 LU|HSW
  • Provider: Kalwall
  • Presenter: Mike Crowder

Topics discussed include daylighting strategies available through the integration of structural sandwich panels, energy conservation, enhancements, options, form and aesthetics. The many benefits to health, productivity, safety and sustainable design will be discussed, as well as specialty applications including explosion venting, blast resistance, OSHA fall through protection and hurricane resistance.

Learning Objectives
  • Effective and versatile Daylighting strategies and techniques.
  • Special performance options and benefits.
  • Applications for sustainable design.
  • Diffused daylighting for security, health and safety and inviting interior spaces.
  • Credit type: 1 HSW AIA
  • Provider: Gate Precast
  • Presenter: Mo Wright

Learn how to design high performance façade systems that can achieve any color, texture or shape delivering a resilient exterior that will stand the test of time.
Leveraging the efficient process of design assist, projects are delivered much faster to the market and within budget – all while maintaining design integrity.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn how architectural precast concrete has evolved as prefabricated material through the rich history of precast concrete.
  • Understand how to realize design goals with cutting-edge forming and finishing techniques.
  • Learn how to realize aggressive design goals while saving time with custom solutions through the design-assist process.
  • Illustrated through a range of project case studies, see how the use of collaborative design assist with architectural precast helped project teams obtain their design goals while maintaining budgets.
  • Credit type: 1 AIA/CES LU (HSW)
  • Provider: Rockwool
  • Presenter: Pamela Sadler

This session explores evolving trends in building enclosure technology, and subsequent changes in energy efficient building design; with especial focus on the role of continuous exterior insulation (CI). The net energy savings realized in a properly insulated building are by now well understood, and these savings are increasingly being required by stringent local building and energy codes. Current building science research and field monitoring data will be presented, to demonstrate how the effective R value of various insulating materials perform and change in differing regional climates, temperature ranges, and seasonal conditions.Strategies for designing and constructing highly insulated and cost effective wall assemblies while still minimizing thermal bridging are also discussed.

Learning Objectives
  • Consider how recent changes in building and energy codes can and should influence your design strategy for producing whole building energy efficiency.
  • Understand how proper material selection and good design for wall assemblies is critical for ensuring reliable long term energy efficient performance.
  • Learn how newer cladding attachment systems are being utilized in the construction of highly insulated wall assemblies and how to apply these technologies to your projects.
  • Gain a better understanding of how these systems are being installed in the field and the minimal changes to current construction practices.


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Feb 10


10:00am-3:00pm CT




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