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Detailing Interiors

In some ways, architectural projects succeed or fail based upon how well material and system junctions are negotiated. This is just as true for interior projects as it is for entire buildings. How does the wall meet the floor? How does one ceiling system transition to another? How are mechanical registers handled? When these small junctures are deftly detailed the effects ripple out across the entire project, so it pays to know how manufacturers’ systems work so you can successfully bring them together. In this accredited workshop, experts will lead tutorials on a variety of interior detailing conditions.


10AM - 11AM

Credit type: 3.0 AIA LU
Provider: Inter-Lux

A tool-kit to assist Designers in decision making and planning, based on the fundamentals of lighting integration. The course focuses on the three key aspects of lighting:

  1. Schematic – Integration with the architectural concept or narrative.
  2. Pragmatic – Integration with the purpose and uses of the space.
  3. Systematic – Integration with the physical fabric of the building.

Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of available options when considering lighting within a space.
  • To develop through a structured approach, a strategy for delivering light.
  • To develop a working knowledge of integrated lighting details to support the strategy implementation.
  • A review of relevant real-world examples.


Mark DeVries

calendar_month DATE

Nov 9

schedule TIME

10:00am-3:00pm CST




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