Online Courses

These CE accredited AEC courses offer a flexible way to learn within your own schedule on mobile or desktop.

Your Employees: The Most Important Asset You’re Neglecting

Credits: 1 LU

Business leaders often declare that employees are their most important assets. But few employers truly define what that means in their workplace.

Understanding Applications of Storefronts, Window Wall and Curtain Wall

Credits: 1 LU

Storefronts, window walls and curtain walls are all have distinctive differences that dictate where they should be installed on a building. This course looks at performance attributes of each system and shares the basic assembly and installation procedures. This course also explores the latest design concepts to meet more stringent energy codes and reviews which system to specify on your next project.

Understanding powder and liquid FEVE coatings for curtainwall and architectural applications

Credits: 1 AIA Learning Unit (LU)/HSW

This course will review the features and benefits of FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats for bridge and curtainwall applications. The course will examine the various uses on new and existing structures and will detail a number of performance tests both real and accelerated to determine the life of the coatings. Lastly this course will assess the life-cycle costs and sustainability benefits of using FEVE topcoats despite their initial higher cost.

Understanding Window and Door Hurricane Requirements for Your Region

Credits: 1 AIA Learning Unit (LU)/HSW

This on-demand course is a recorded webinar.  The course will provide an introduction to hurricane design criteria and impact requirements for windows and the building envelope.  The course will also address how to determine and design for the minimum criteria that are needed to meet your project requirement based on building type and location.

Advanced Detailing for High Performance Envelopes

Credits: 1 LU / HSW

The Advanced Detailing for High-Performance Envelopes webinar is an interactive educational experience that will offer cutting-edge techniques in developing exterior envelope details. This webinar is perfect for all experience levels, from emerging professionals who will gain insights into the fundamentals of detailing to intermediate and expert practitioners who want to explore advances in building tectonics. The webinar will be divided up into three parts: a presentation on opaque assembly detailing principals, a presentation on advanced glazing details, and a presentation on detailing for complex geometries.

Understanding Architectural Low-E Coatings

Credits: 1 LU / HSW

This course will help you understand the solar energy spectrum, common glass performance measures and performance features and benefits of Low-E coatings. You’ll also have a basic understanding of how to prioritize and balance the unique aesthetic and performance needs of your project—no matter how big or small.

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