Frameless Glass Railings: Designing Stunning, Code-Compliant Systems

  • Sponsor: The Architects Newspaper
  • Credits: 1 AIA Learning Unit (LU)/HSW
  • Division: Finishes, Openings
  • Format: Four Video Segments

Course Description

Glass railings can be a beautiful addition to your residential and commercial projects, adding value to your portfolio and raising your profits; however, specification questions, code changes and misinterpretations can stand in the way of a successful glass railing project. In this session, attendees will learn about design considerations, code requirements, installation methods, testing standards, cap rail requirements, and laminated glass guardrail requirements. They will also walk away with a sound understanding of 2015 IBC updates—along with their impact— and the important role of the International Code Council (ICC).

Note: Certificates of Completion will be emailed in a PDF format for your records right away. Please allow for up to 3 to 4 weeks to receive AIA credit for the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Design Considerations for Glass Railing: Course participants will gain a working knowledge of typical glass railing applications, the advantages and disadvantages of dry and wet glazing techniques, and the best installer-friendly systems.
  • Specification: Participants will be able to identify the importance of following product manufacturer and installation criteria, warranty information, and how to specify the best product for the application.
  • Product Types: Participants will possess a deep understanding of monolithic tempered and laminated systems, two-piece base shoe systems, the difference between guard rails and hand rails, and other specialty components.
  • Industry Recommendations: Participants will understand the role of the International Code Council and other industry code bodies (IBC, IRC, ADA).
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