Advanced Glazing Solutions for Optimum Daylighting, Energy Performance and User Safety + Wellness

  • Sponsor: Panelite
  • Credits: 1 AIA LU | HSW
  • Division: Openings
  • Format: One Video Segment

Course Description

Topics discussed include developments in high-performance glazing to address key glazing design objectives – such as solar heat control, daylighting, views, and energy savings – and how honeycomb glazing uses angular selective technology to optimally balance these objectives. The benefits of ample diffuse daylighting on occupant well-being and productivity are addressed as are cost savings through reduced lighting and HVAC energy loads, and independent daylighting and energy studies are included. Honeycomb insert and glazing lite options will be overviewed, emphasizing the broad potential for meeting specific design, performance, sustainability, and wellness objectives. Resources and tools for building-specific daylighting and energy-analysis will be covered, including methods for accessing honeycomb insert data, and conducting comparative analyses of glazing options is commonly used building analysis software platforms.

Note: Certificates of Completion will be emailed in a PDF format for your records right away. Please allow for up to 3 to 4 weeks to receive AIA credit for the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding key glazing design objectives: solar heat control; daylighting; minimizing HVAC and lighting costs; balancing views and privacy
  • How current advanced glazing technologies meet these objectives and how honeycomb glazing meets them using angular selective technology
  • How honeycomb glazing optimizes safety and wellness.
  • Energy and daylighting analysis tools to compare technologies and provide building-specific analysis.